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New Hope Baptist Community Church New Hope Baptist Community Church

Church History Church History


  New Hope Baptist Church began its ministry on August 4th, 1955. The group of about 40 expressed their intentions to organize as a mission with the hope that this effort would become a Baptist work. At that time it was identified as the "New Hope Baptist Mission." It was first located at 1965 Wyoming. Then in 1957 the church traded locations to 2865 McNair. ( The Old McNair Theatre Building). The adjoining property was torn down at 2865 mcNair which was condemned soon after the church purchased it. An empty store building directly across McNair was rented for Sunday School, and prayer meeting services while plans for building an educational building was being consumated. The educational building was started in 1963, and finished in 1964. During 1969 thru 1979 the Main auditorium was added on top of the educational building. The Old McNair building was removed, and a parking lot was added. In 1979 their were 316 members with 117 resident, and 199 non-resident. This ends a short history of the church in the early years. Today, New Hope Baptist Church still ministers to the community spreading the Good News of the Love of Christ to all. Do you know Jesus as your personal Savior ?? And by accepting, and believing that he is the son of God, and you inherit the gift of Life Eternal.. Come visit us, all are welcome....