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There is no amazing There is no amazing

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ylq · 9 months ago
There is no amazing time to write a pen, write beautiful fate, and sway the tenderness. Along the way, what I remember is that I missed it after the encounter Marlboro Gold. The longing for beauty always has a unique feeling in the dream, and will not be degraded; the future of the hustle and bustle always flies in the distance, a present that I can only see if I can work hard. The happiness of prayer, also lurking in the ordinary life, I found out that I keep getting and losing, I have a valuable gift that I have paid for, and I cherish the love that I don��t want to lose or lose. . I have compiled a beautiful picture of the past in the past, hanging on the road of time when I look back. Touched, favorite, missing, happy, sad, resentful, all telling me that one story that cannot be forgotten is fluid. Every time I meet a story, a person who can't forget, memories will automatically put that person into my mind with my story, waiting for me to watch the ordinary and real picture. Anyone who can't forget what I remember is that I use my heart on it, or I leave a smile, or shed tears or take my heart. Perhaps I have forgotten what it was originally formed, but the emotional volatility of the dark fragrance is a sincere memory of the butterfly orchid. When you are by my side, we share its beautiful bloom together. You love the phalaenopsis, like the shape it blooms, and like to always wear a pecan orchid hairpin on your head. A pure smile hangs on your face, even if you say goodbye to me Carton Of Cigarettes, I am still sending a smile of friendship to me. When the friendship is true, the true feelings are written on the face, full of eyes, and when the friendship is not there, the most real things will disappear, and the traces will be permanently left. It is now out of reach and there is no connection between them. The girl who stood in the blooming place of the butterfly orchid smiled forever and stayed in her mind forever. Now I missed it, remembered you, without your voice and laughter, I am very satisfied, let you and my friendship protect a naive beauty in a place where butterflies and orchids bloom Cigarettes For Sale, remember a diary, It is the best testimony of my ignorance of time. Witness the little troubles of my growth, witness the joy and sorrow of my mood, and witness how I am on the road to confusion, where do I not go? The name of the record is a companion to my youth. It is my strangeness to familiarity with my heart. I like it so simple, so simple and beautiful, the tears of crystal clear tears, I can��t help but return to the lonely picture that I swept to my eyes Marlboro Cigarettes. I dare to laugh and dare not say it, dare to cry, dare to say why, dare to be alone. I dare not admit the reality of the inner world, hiding in the corner, secretly sadly laughing at the simplest travel of my life, not the importance of that person, not the one who likes to remember more, but only knows how to quietly When the land is paid, when the most confused and helpless, the heart has changed. I remembered a favorite, the most beautiful watch I missed, let a secret of writing youth stay in the arms of the most beautiful time, sing my own songs, remember a city, I love people here. . I gathered it into a pearl that was the same for my years, set in the path of my life. Carrying the pockets of love, pretending all his habits, grasping the size of happiness, tailored for him. Hide his love in my heart, the warmest smile, cherish me, remember his preferences, remember his habits, I miss the way they were originally formed, will seize the existing Time is at heart with every one of us today. I remember the picture of quarreling. I missed the meeting with happiness. It was my inner reluctance to show my heart to him Marlboro Red. Let the past storms and rains, in the place where there is a happy time, continue to embrace the negative image of love missed many yesterday, let me use today to embrace all my past. In my time, there are everyone I will not forget, and my years will always leave your footprints on the road. Remember, I missed it, missed it, and made me remember.

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