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The poet's Qingjing The poet's Qingjing

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ylq · 9 months ago
The poet's Qingjing is in the new spring, and the green willow is only half-uneven. It seems to be just overnight. It seems to be just a blink of an eye Newport 100S. It is full of mountains and plains, street garden, Zhuzhu powder, piles of jade, delicate and soft. Peach blossom, white apricot blossom, pink cherry blossom, yellow spring jasmine, ... like a girl who is about to appear in the performance of the fragrant scent of snow Online Cigarettes, shy eyebrows, a thousand charming. Also like a young woman gathering like you, I am holding me Squeeze, not to be outdone, to fight for glory. The branches are like new nails, like a small fist stretched out by a newborn baby, so delicate, so cute, a tree blossoms, a cluster of green, can not help but make me happy, Full of tenderness and tenderness. Women can't wait to change into beautiful spring clothes, colorful fruit-colored casual wear, and seem to fight with all kinds of red and purple. The heart is full of joy, with the first stunned grass buds, the first surprise to see the surprise of the buds. People are also as happy as children, pink, green, breathing fresh air, smelling the scent of flowers. The wind gently sent the fragrance of the grass Parliament Cigarettes, the wind blows to the body, but also makes people Field refreshing Oh, spring really came to walk in the country road, walking in the streets of the small town, inadvertently always attracted by a plant of light white powder, oh, it��s really spring, I can��t keep it, I��m also worried. The stock market was released from the abstract books, and it was in a good mood. In the gray depression of the bare red strips, a little bit of green was drilled. The metasequoia trees showed pointed small horns, the poplars pulled out the green spikes, and the flowers also showed the delicate Delicate and tender flower buds, spring seems to just wake up the fairy, long sleeves waving, everything will sprout a vitality, naturally dyed the color, everything in the world is bred with a new hope of bright spring, and the warm sun, can not help but not From the fireworks in March to the sunny day in April, the world is full of Fangfei in April, full of flowers, green eyes, thick spring from the bottom of my eyes to the bottom of my heart. I also put on the skirt, came The cherry blossom garden came to the fields, and the sun shone on my body. The butterfly came lightly to the blue sea in front of me. It seemed to feel the spring rushing blue waves. From the north to the south, the dragon river runs through Lushun. slowly The sly water has been continuously treated and cleared. After many of Lushun was occupied by Japan, many cherry trees were planted in many places in Lushun. The first cherry blossoms were everywhere. April is the season of cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom garden has a history of hundreds of years. The cherry blossoms are blooming, the flowers are blooming, the clusters are graceful, the branches are beautiful, and the grandeur is grand. A breeze blows through, giving a faint fragrance. The Sun Valley and the 203 ruins of Lushun, It is also planted with cherry blossoms. From afar, a pink mist is hidden between the distant mountains and the clear water. The light and shadow are interlaced, the air is fresh and the mood is bright. The historical small town of Lushun is in the flowers. In the first four months, it became a city of flowers. The ocean of flowers in April is the season of wild vegetables. My favorite is to dig wild vegetables. I like wild vegetables most. The hills and ditches of Lushun, the fields and the wild vegetables are abundant. The grass is close to the sky, but there is nothing. Only when you come to the mountains in person, you can look it up carefully, and you can dig it up to understand the wildness. Amaranth, mother-in-law, fragrant roots Cigarettes For Sale, sedge grass... with the breath of the mountains and the water , It is a kind of fragrance that is different from the vegetables in the vegetable garden. Wild vegetables need to be collected by themselves. It is especially delicious when I eat them. I lead the children with my feet. I feel the mountains and rivers of Lushun with my feet and feel the infinite spring Carton Of Cigarettes.

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