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linchao · 10 months ago
The Dallas Cowboys have had one of the more underwhelming wide receiver groups across the NFL so far this season. They clearly wanted to address that because they’ve gone and added a weapon. Reports are that the Cowboys have traded for Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper.Dallas and Cooper have been connected for the last week with Adam Schefter reporting on Sunday morning that the Cowboys were interested. It seems a loss in Washington may have been enough to push Dallas over the edge because they went and got their guy.Oakland didn’t let Amari Cooper go for a low price Cheap Terrance Williams Jersey , though. Many were curious what it would take to pry the former first-round pick away from the Raiders and we now know. Dallas reportedly traded away a first-round pick to acquire him.The Cowboys now have a number one receiver for Dak Prescott to work with. This sort of feels like an all-in move by Dallas, and we’ll see where they go in their first game after the bye on November 5th against the Tennessee Titans.Amari Cooper is reportedly going to be a Dallas Cowboy!Cowboys Cole Beasley: Our system has shown it can work in 2014 & 2016 There’s been an awful lot said about and said by the Dallas Cowboys wide receivers over the last few weeks. Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones have both downplayed the idea of having a “true No. 1” receiver, Jerry even noted that they haven’t had one “in several years” this week. They said those things publicly, even though they have wide receivers that play for the football team that they manage. That couldn’t have made the wideouts feel great.Allen Hurns questioned play-calling in the loss against the Houston Texans. Cole Beasley has never been shy to share his thoughts , and such was the case again on Thursday afternoon.Beasley took to Twitter in defense of some comments he’d previously made about Houston’s DeAndre Hopkins when Hop got his big-time contract extension in early 2017. He doubled-down on his stance and called Hopkins a great player but also expressed belief in himself. Ask your average NFL head coach or front office figure and they’ll tell you that they’d prefer that their players aren’t on Twitter. We’ve seen the firestorm that can accompany social media activity when it comes to the Cowboys, this particular instance didn’t get out of hand it was more just Beasley expressing himself. Of course, when you engage with people on social media you’re going to run into trolls and that’s exactly what happened to Beasley. When discussing production and status as a wide receiver someone called into question the Cowboys offensive system (which hasn’t exactly been glamorous). Cole defended what the Cowboys do and like a lot of people referenced the successes they had in 2014 and 2016 as examples that it can all work.There isn’t really anybody on the Cowboys save for Ezekiel Elliott, who leads the league in rushing Youth Byron Jones Jersey , that has “through the roof” numbers, but if they were winning nobody would care. A lack of offensive production coupled with a 2-3 record is what’s going to get people to start questioning how the sausage gets made.Beasley has had quite the impressive career with the Cowboys and is yet another example of the successes they’ve found when mining through undrafted free agents. He’s a local guy to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and his story is one that will be told for years to come. Will that story end in Dallas sometime soon? His contract is up after this season and he doesn’t seem to be opposed to the idea of playing elsewhere, although he is focused on the now.Hopefully for Cole’s, the rest of the team’s Cheap Demarcus Lawrence Jersey , and all of our sakes they do manage to turn it around. The offensive system is going to continue to be questioned as long as its ineffective and so far that’s the entirety of the season. A date with the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday is hardly the perfect opportunity to start gelling on offense, but this is the NFL and stranger things have happened. 

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