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How To Make Your Human Hair Bob Wigs Flatter How To Make Your Human Hair Bob Wigs Flatter

   Discussion: How To Make Your Human Hair Bob Wigs Flatter
ruiyu · 1 month ago
In hot summer, almost every wig wearer a Short Bob Wigs, as you not only have to wear a wig to protect your head skin from being baked by burning sun, but also need more of your skin are without being covered by long and thick hair to dissipate heat. But how to make your Bob Wigs show your beauty better among so many bob wears? 1.Round face Many people think short bob hairstyle is not suitable for round-faced women, in fact, they can still be very beautiful if hair does not adhere to both cheeks tightly. Wearing a side-parted Human Hair Bob Wigs with some curve could reduce the feeling of roundness successfully. So bone short bob wig is not advised unless you curl it and add some waves. Some people wanna be a lazy but delicate girl. Pre-made body wave bob wig is available , which could save your time to curl hair.  2.Square face For this type of face, the angle is more obvious, and will make people look a little bit serious. At this time, you need to use hair to frame face shape. You can choose the hair length to your jaw position (8 or 10inches according to hair textures), which soften the angle and weaken the feeling of seriousness . 3.Heart-shaped face Although the heart-shaped face is a very popular face type recently, the disadvantage is that cheekbone position is relatively high. But girl with heart-shaped face has generally much sharper chin, so you could try a slightly shorter bob with bangs, which could more or less hide the cheekbones but show your exquisite chin ! 4.Long face If you have a long face, in order to balance the width shortage of face, you’d better choose a bob with more hair volume. So a curly bob wig no wonder will be a great choice, which visually shorten the length of face. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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