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What Is A Body Wave Wig,Install A Body Wave Wig What Is A Body Wave Wig,Install A Body Wave Wig

   Discussion: What Is A Body Wave Wig,Install A Body Wave Wig
ruiyu · 1 month ago
What is a body wave wig,There are synthetic Body Wave Wig and human hair body wave wigs in the hair market. No doubt to say, body wave human hair wigs are better, and the price is higher. But human hair body wigs can last longer with proper care.A body wave hair wig is completed by sew in hair weave. 3 or 4 body wave hair bundles with a lace closure or a lace frontal can make a full and thick human hair wig.  According to the making processing, there are body wave lace front wigs and body wave full lace wigs. Body wave full lace wigs are more expensive than Water Wave Wig because full lace wigs are completed by hand-tied totally. But lace front wigs only the lace frontal was sewed by hand. The third one is a body wave lace wig which is the cheapest. That is the wig completed by machine with hair weft cost a short time. How to install a body wave wig 1. Brush your own hair, braid it as flat as possible like cornrows. If your hair is long, it is complex to handle it. One thing should be paid attention to. The hair should be braid tightly. Or the wig is easy to slide off your head. If your Deep Wave Wig, it is easy to handle, braid it as a cornrow. 2. Wear a wig cap or delete this step. The wig cap can protect your own hair to avoid damage. Spray got2b on the wig cap to fix it stable. 3. Put the body wave wig on your head, adjust it to the proper position. Then clip it to make the wig stable. 4. Cut the edge of extra lace, apply some glue to adhesive the lace. It can make the wig stable avoid slide off. Meanwhile, using some cosmetics to let the lace color similar to your skin. 5. Make a parting you like, side-way or middle part. If your wig is 360 lace frontal body wave wig, you can make more choice, such as a bun, half up half down, and high ponytail. 6. Trim and style your body wave wig. After you finish the install, it does not totally satisfy you. You can trim it to the hairstyle you like. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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