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How to measure and care for your hair wig? How to measure and care for your hair wig?

   Discussion: How to measure and care for your hair wig?
Jerrysister · 3 months ago
=10.5pt=10.5000ptAs a hair practitioner, here I summarize some tips of care for wigs,I hope it useful to you! =10.5pt=10.5000pt1. How to measure wig correctly? =10.5pt=10.5000ptThe standard wig measurement method on the market are shown below: =10.5pt =10.5pt=10.5000ptUsually, the factory will have an adjustment strap during the production process. You can measure the head circumference according to the above method and choose the appropriate wig. (Take 13x4 =10.5000pt[color=#0000ff]lace front wig[/color]=10.5000pt as an example) =10.5pt =10.5pt=11.0000pt[color=#1a1a1a]2. How to wash your wig?[/color] =10.5pt=11.0000pt[color=#1a1a1a]Wig cleaning is actually very simple, [/color]=11.0000pt[color=#0000ff]about once every 15 days.[/color]=11.0000pt[color=#1a1a1a] We usually choose to use [/color]=11.0000pt[color=#0000ff]conditioner instead of shampoo[/color]=11.0000pt[color=#1a1a1a] when washing your wig. Because the wig itself does not produce oil, as long as it is not particularly dirty, it can be cleaned well with a conditioner, and it can also provide a little nutrition for the wig.[/color] =10.5pt=11.0000pt[color=#1a1a1a]Connect a basin of water when washing, the [/color]=11.0000pt[color=#0000ff]water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees.[/color]=11.0000pt[color=#1a1a1a] Next, you can choose to pour the conditioner into the water and mix well, or you can choose to apply the conditioner directly to your hair. You can also apply some conditioner on the inner net, just apply a little. No matter which method is used, [/color]=11.0000pt[color=#0000ff]remember not to rub the wig[/color]=11.0000pt[color=#1a1a1a], just rinse it in water.[/color] =10.5pt=11.0000pt[color=#1a1a1a]After washing, gently wrap the wig with a dry towel and absorb the water on the wig slightly.  Then distribute the fake on the bracket, comb the wig neatly, and then put it on the vent to dry naturally. If you are in a hurry, you can also use a hair dryer to blow dry directly. When the hair dryer is dry, be sure to blow from top to bottom, and comb with the comb while blowing.[/color] =12pt=12.0000pt3. How to save your wig? =12pt=12.0000ptMany girls will have many kinds of wigs, including =12.0000pt[color=#0000ff]hair bundles,[/color]=12.0000pt[color=#0000ff]lace closure,[/color]=12.0000ptwigs. If you =12.0000ptdon=12.0000pt’=12.0000ptt =12.0000ptuse it now, I suggest you comb your hair and dry it in =12.0000pta =12.0000pt[color=#0000ff]satin[/color]=12.0000pt[color=#0000ff] bag[/color]=12.0000pt. It can better protect your hair from damage. =12pt=12.0000ptAuthor: Jerry =10.5pt=12.0000ptTo shop for wig products, our site has launched a great promotion, click this link for available codes:  

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